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Omaha, NE


Why go out for a boring lunch

When you can come dine with us on our fun Sundays and Karaoke Saturdays. That's right! We have something special for you every day of the week.

With or special events, every day will be easy on your pocket and what better way is there to have fun when you spend less money on good food.


Click here for events at our F St. Omaha, Nebraska location.

Try our daily lunch specials

We have "Lunch Punch Cards"

Buy Five  and get your 6th lunch absolutely FREE!

Lunch Cards!

At Starsky's  Bar & Grill every day and every night is a celebration.

Here at Starsky's  Bar & Grill we make your ordinary, every day a special day, with or special events and our daily lunch specials.

Make your dining fun  for you and your pocket

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